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teacher prof. Mgr. Milota HAVRÁNKOVÁ
doc. Miro Švolík


The uniqueness of this course is the creation of art while using technology - a photographic camera.  On a student they will be high demands not only in the realm of artistic creativity skills but also on the ability to prove assess of his work even before its foundation. Since photographs often captures instant, genuine moments - shot moments, the atmosphere - that is already unique. Students will work from the outset  actively  - and  prove their skills - integrating their work within the photographic design. They learn to work with the techniques, color spectrum, installations, objects, types of photographic works in their final use. Great emphasis will be placed on practical use - cooperation with advertising agencies, media, PR agencies, as well as major companies, which in their work - whether for promotion, or directly for their activities specialist photographic use. Students will obtain quality information for their future careers, they can  offer their works entirely in accordance with the requirements of the labor market. It will be only their choice of whether to become an independent artist, or a professional in relation to advertising agencies, art directoring, work in print and AV media. Another objective is to prepare students for a career of "free-lance", a quality expert in image processing. Method of teaching does not only support the latent talent of a student, but also promote his ability to solve tasks and assignments in professional practice.

syllabus 1. semester 1. Photographical vision of the world– composition, perspektive, content, detail…
2. The basis of techniques, tricks
2. semester 3. Black and white photography – light and schadows of imagination
4. Colours, mix a psycho
3. semester 5. Composition of movement with diferency in the treatment of temporal actions
6. Work with still life while using daylight
4. semester 7. Artificial lightning - figure, postproduction, „packshot“
5. semester 8. Portrait, psychology of expression and personality
9. Advertisisng photography
6. semester 10. History and most imporant representatives - personal meeting with the most imporant contemporaray artists
11. Classical work versus modern work – using SW in photography