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Space/interior design

teachers prof. PhDR. Miloš ŠEJN
  Ing. arch. Anna ŠLAPETOVÁ
anotation Subject Space/interior design establishes itself as an interface between the subjective understanding of artistic expression and social space which is created by the ongoing dialogue between the artist and society. It is connected also with the blurring of boundaries between several artistic disciplines and the boundaries between scientific disciplines. If all ADI students study art communications - then a student of this course manages to devolop interdisciplinary thinking in dedicated special significance, considering the above mentioned facts. It is possible to use the results and knowledge gained from other disciplines ADI, but also a constant and conscious correlation with professional transparency. Practical and theoretical mastery of such a widely understood concept of "space" is a foundation. Teaching initially reminiscent variations on track individual architectural elements, and the basics of physical exercise, but moving very quickly through art installations in all conceivable environments and using every conceivable means and psychological tinge to address very specific tasks, such as installation of exhibitions, interior design or exterior of buildings of all kinds, including the building of human, which can be lived body artist. Shaping the borders of this process is unlimited, and the study may hit land, public spaces, parks, as well as shops, offices and homes. It also helps to realize the vision of what art show art, therefore, to find new forms of installations in the areas of museums and galleries. An important part of education is to teach students to defend their views on addressing these dramas before investor / developer / within the public administration - as well as the necessary level of artistic erudition be able to communicate with other artists. For the development of creative skills, artistic vision and valuable outcome of the project is to place particular emphasis on developing students' creativity, spatial imagination, sense perception of color relationships, together with terms such as "harmony", "composition", together with a very sharp, knowing what they are clichés Today these categories capable occur. Students receive well-rounded education and quality orientation and ability to work with different types and functions of artistic expressions that possess  social opportunities - from past to future. The result is a synthesis of lessons learned in specific, real-world applications. As in all creative subjects at ADI here students will be required to present their artistic ability of the project to the public, to reach the target audience, define and defend their own artistic ideas not only in their creative work, but also in their speech.
syllabus 1. semester 1. Space as an artwork / Artwork in space
2. Psychology of colours
2. semester 3. Geometrics of the space
4. Model - idea - sketch - model
5. Composition - construction and deconstruction
6. Types of space
3. semester 7. Aplication of the creative processes at the praxis
8. The role of an artefact
4. semester 9. Acceptation of a confrontation
5. semester 10. The basis of communication
11. Alernative aesthetics of this time
6. semester 12. Design of public space