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Museum and Gallery Studies

teacher Ing. Marek PROKŮPEK


The course tries students to prepare for their future career in fine art and design in the area which is connected with cultural and economic factors. It provides comprehensive information about the environment which will be for the future of most graduates ADI determining and on which they will be largely dependent: environment, cultural institutions, art market professional and interest groups, administrative bodies dedicated to cultural issues etc. Subject gives infornation about social status of artists in the history and curren time, history of collectinons and museums, foundations of contemporary museum practice, exhibition history and contemporary exhibition practice (museum and extramuseum). Special attention will be paid to the art as the basis for the foundations of civilization and culture, the concept of cultural heritage, innovative thinking and principle of creation, as well as their moral liability. Students will understand the correlation of museum collections and art markets and in relation to this issue  the art value / price, assessing the quality of art and the function of art criticism. Students will gain basic information on the expertise of art, forgery and art crime. The course also will discuss public support for the art from national, regional, local and international sources (grants) as well as private support from private and corporate sources - patrons - collectors. Subject indicates issue of communication with retail galleries and primary art market in general. Besides the primary market will be discussed also the secondary art market, particularly trafficking in antiquities, organizing auctions and art fairs. ADI wants under this program to establish its own sales gallery of students works. Of course there will be regular exhibitions - their preparation and production, as well as active participation in internships at major auctions and auction houses within the renowned galleries.

syllabus 1. semester 1. History of museum and gallery studies
2. To collect - collection versus art
3. A museum or a galery?
4. Expozition and exhibiton (concept, borrowings, logistics..)
5. Design  to design  – all about ...
2. semester 6. Curatorship, register and management of collections
7. Museum publications and marketing aids
8. Significant art collection - art history in an international context
3. semester 9. Valuation of artworks - the value or price?
10. Auction - from history to the present
4. semester 11. Criminology in art / Legal Experts