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Entrance exams, Tuition fees, Student visa


APPLICANTS RESIDING IN CZECH REPUBLIC: Deadline to submit your application for the accademic year 2024/2025 is 8th September 2024. Aplications sent after this date will be accepted but for the next academic year 2025/2026 only. These applicants will be invited to an admission process which takes place in ADI building on 22nd March 2024 or 9th September 2024.

FOREIGN APPLICANTS NOT RESIDING IN CZECH REPUBLIC: We accept application for the academic year 2024/2025 until 30th June 2024 due to visa procedures. Aplications sent after this date will be accepted but for the next academic year 2025/2026 only. The admission process is held throughout the whole academic year. An online admission inteview will be scheduled after completing steps bellow.

1. Fill and submit a student application form.

2. Send a cover letter (at least half page A4) written in English.

3. Send a portfolio with artworks (It should be at least 10 pieces, but It could be a mix of techniques.
    For example: painting, drawing, graphic design, photos…etc.).
    Please send your portfolio to email:, in PDF, max. size 10 MB

Academic year 2024/2025 starts on 1st October 2024.

Attached you can find a general information which you may find useful.


Tution fee is 7 500,- EUR per one academic year - tuition fees are to be paid after confirmation of admission to study + after successful obtaining a long-term study visa (in the case of non EU students)

Following information can be useful for you:

Admission process:

  1. Sending following documents: portfolio (at least 10 examples of artwork in pdf., max. size 10 MB – could be various techniques), motivational letter in English.
  2. After successful passing through, we will send a confirmation letter to applicant.
  3. Only for non EU students: With this letter it is possible to apply for getting student’s visa (getting it takes up to 6 months !).

Applicants who have completed their high school education at a school in a foreign country must submit an officially verified document of recognition of their previous education (nostrification) upon enrolment. Nostrification is required no later than 3 months after enrolment.

     Exceptionally, applicants without completed secondary education can also be accepted to study in the field of art. Therefore, based on an individual assessment of the student's talent, ART & DESIGN INSTITUT can accept him even WITHOUT NOSTRIFICATION. In the event that nostrification is not submitted, the student will not be awarded a degree upon graduation.

For more information about the recognition of foreign education, click HERE.

Only for non EU students:

Visa process - go to the Czech embassy in your native country with following: without these documents your Visa application will be denied!​

  1. 2x passport photos.
  2. Official acceptance letter from ADI of acceptance sent to your home address
  3. Conformation of accommodation - confirmed by owner.
  4. Criminal record
  5. Passport
  6. 81 400,- CZK / per year (only the account confirmation).

The school will send the Official Letter of acceptance by mail to your current home address after successful admission process.

After all of this you have to get yourself a health insurance.
We are ready to help you with all your possible problems such as establishing Medical insurance, finding the right accommodation, processing any kinds of documents, getting student cards (ISIC) and public transport cards, picking you up at the airport, getting your visa and any other issues that may occur…
The Czech Republic is a friendly and welcoming country - and we are looking forward to seeing you study at ART & DESIGN INSTITUT.

Student long-term visa

All needed information can be found on:

NOTICE for students from UKRAINE - information on problem-free visas - see more here:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic announces:

"Citizens of Ukraine can study in the Czech Republic immediately - they do not apply for long-term residence, they are granted temporary protection, which allows them to start studying, work or perform other activities. "Citizens of Russia and Belarus are currently unable to apply for visas; visa activities have been stopped for them by a resolution of the Czech government. This is one of the restrictive measures taken by the Czech Republic in response to Russia's and Belarus's military aggression in Ukraine."

Extending a Student long-term visa

  1. If the student has visa with validity period shorter than one year, he/she can extend it up to 1 year (which is the maximum duration of this type of visa). He/she can apply for the extension in person at regional offices on the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic or via post (how to extend a long-term visa). Student who was already granted by a long-term visa can also directly apply for a long-term residence permit for the purpose of “studies”. This new application has to be made in person at an OPC´s office (how to lodge a new application for a long-term visa).
  2. If a student already has long-term residence for purpose of “studies” which validity is expiring soon, he/she can extend it in person or via post (how to extend a long-term residence permit). This is applied only in case the student continues his/her studies at the same school/university.
  3. There is a special OPC office at Hládkov for foreign students with residence in Prague.
  4. In some cases there is an application fee required. If you send your application via post, please do not forget to attach fee stamps of respective value. More information can be found under corresponding hyperlinks. Overview of fees can be found here.