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Marketing and Trade of Artworks

teachers Ing. Jaroslav HALÍK, MBA, Ph.D.
JUDr. Pavel TŮMA, LLM, Ph.D. lectures  Law of Intellectual Property


In line with the overall focus ADI, the subject  is a logical complementaion - and linking element them with creative subjects. Students will learn independent thinking about another way of their artistic work and professional orientation. Thanks to the good orientation at the art market, control concepts that go hand in hand with his work, they would not feel the nervousness of their positions in real-world trade in works of art. Conversely will become informed - and therefore more able to focus on their work. They will be full partners in the art business communication, able to find the appropriate application of their work. The subject offers basic economic concepts of art trade, the use of art in corporate image management in the arts. With the problems of the art market, international art trade and the role of art in portfolio theory in phases of economic management cyklu. V arts provides students with all the activities you need to know the self-employed, with artistic management agency or joint studio with the principles of teamwork , organization, planning, decision making, motivation, human resources and corporate culture for whom art is determined. Great emphasis will also be the ability to self-representation, trading psychology, speech and communication. Marketing provides students with the practical part of the market. Includes art marketing, or the basics of marketing applied to the art market, galleries and auction houses, and the use of marketing tools to promote the artists in the market for art trade and marketing communications companies through art, creative use of art work on the contract for corporate purposes and Corporate image. The aim is to educate graduates who will understand the market environment and apply the art market or through art in the commercial sector. An integral part of comprehensive equipping students ADI, then a knowledge of basic legal and tax regulations relating to artistic activities, and art trade, such as. Copyright law, intellectual property, trademarks, logos, know-how, etc.


syllabus 1. semester 1. Art Market (law of scarcity, competition ...)
2. Art Marketing  - art as a product
3. Marketing communication as a part of creation
4. Advertising strategy a psychology od advertising
5. Commercial art marketing and product mix
2. semester

6.Customers, clients and their specifics at art markets, decision making of consumer, customer segmentation

7. Pricing strategies at tje art ,arlets
8. Distribution of artworks
3. semester 9. Art Management
10. Marketing Environment and Marketing of art markets and art galleries
11. International art trade, free trade and barriers
12. The rights of intellectual property, trademarks, logos, know-how, the Copyright Ac