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teacher Docent MgA. Irena Jůzová
assistant MgA. Irena Křivánková



Intermedia as a free movement between the media, ie. that students are not forced to pursue only artistic discipline, but are looking how to express their feeling.

IA combines all the other five studios. These are a combination of different techniques, genres and styles.

Often it is a three-dimensional works; important are KINETIC MODELS, the combination of music - poems - video. The main idea is SEARCH OF NEW INTERPRETATIVE AN EXPRESSIVE MEANS/SPACE. This space can be defined by every student separately and individually. Emphasis is placed on originality of the expressive rendition of everyone. Students are also forced to consider  unusual interconnections. Tangible, intangible and semifom media (eg. Sculpture, steam, fear or masses of color, liquid, silence. Etc.).

Such work leads students to more complex thinking. The practical work is accompanied by continuous comparative studies in art history, along with a focus on the social and historical development. After completing the course of several years of study, students acquire not only a number of practical creative processes, but also a deep understanding of the structure of the work and to eliminate a number of prejudices that each traditional understanding of the history of art and the creative process itself brings. With such equipment, graduates can act as direct creatives as well as executives of various creative activities. They are able of theoretical reflection. too

syllabus 1. semester 1. Finding the reason for the creation of artwork and attempt to define a work function in contemporary society
2. Orientation and anchoring in history
2. semester 3. Social awareness
4. Awareness of the necessity of humility (employment, education, to life itself) as a basic element of creative work
3. semester 5. Warning between fashion trends
6. Adoption (at least on the basis of information) a variety of artistic means of expression
4. semester 7. Free movement between media (the search for the most suitable expression means)
8. The necessity to manage language(s)  verbal expression of self positions, intentions
5. semester 9. Artwork as a social act
6. semester 10. The ability to finish creation