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teacher MgA. Nicky Shushulov, Ph.D. - Multimedia graphic design
  MgA. Jan Petrov - 3D graphic and VFX 


The aim is to acquaint students with the field of computer graphics and its use in practice, so that after graduation they would be able to work in the field of creative design, custom processing at design HTML and Flash (not a priori dynamic scripts), using conventional 2D ads technologies both in the field of vector and bitmap graphics that always keeps the parameters of such graphic work, matching the exploitation of the work and presentation technologies used. Student will get good knowledge of websites, prepress and printing technologies, such as knowledge of the technology industry publications and their limitations, terms of preparation works of graphic printing (CMYK, resolution, PostScript, PDF, fonts, and more). During the study, student will familiar with all aspects of 3D computer graphics, from modeling through mapping, materials and construction, shaders, lighting, rendering technology, visual programming, special effects, composition, and finally the presentation and post production. In this Casio is allowed specialization graduate, because it is a field that is already on fragmentizován number of partial activities and professions. Generally, however, the aim of the "3D generalist." Students also learn to practice essential skills such as the ability to assess the complexity, cost and method of processing a project  using computer graphics tools.

Independent creation of specific tasks of will be the outcome of the whole teaching multimedia design.

Unlike regular staff positions Art Director, Designer and so the student will be able to utilize their creative activities relied on knowledge of the whole technological process. Its potential value in the labor market will be even higher, it can evaluate how technology, software and even the time-consuming operation and unlike the common practice will be able to actively intervene in the actual implementation process. The aim is an creative individual who knows how to effectively and practically use more "visual" tools offered by modern sofware.

syllabus 1. semester Fundamentals of graphic design and typography.
2. semester Aesthetics and Application of Graphic Design / Fundamentals of Digital Animation and Video.
3. semester Fundamentals of 3D Graphics.
4. semester Fundamentals of 3D Animation, Visual Effects and Postproduction.
5. semester The theoretical part of the complex multimedia BA project.
6. semester Practical part of a complex multimedia BA project.