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Contact: ,  +420 731 50 20 50

* Start of the new academic year is on 30th Septembert 2024.

* Tution fee from the academic year 2024/2025 is 7500 EUR per academic year. The payment needs to be made no later than on 1st August 2024.

It is possible to pay in installments: 2 x 3850 EUR.

Deadline for the 1st payment: 1st August 2024

Deadline for the 2nd payment: 31st January 2025


Payment method

Number of the bank account 7077777389/0800 (Česká spořitelna)

Swift GIBACZPX, IBAN CZ0608000000007077777389

In the note put your first and last name.


* Admission process:

APPLICANTS RESIDING IN CZECH REPUBLIC: Deadline to submit your application for the accademic year 2024/2025 is on 15th March 2024 (1st round) and 2nd September 2024 (2nd round). Aplications sent after this date will be accepted but for the next academic year. These applicants will be invited to an admission process which takes place in ADI building on 22th March 2024 or 9th September 2024 (2nd term).

FOREIGN APPLICANTS NOT RESIDING IN CZECH REPUBLIC: We accept application for the academic year 2024/2025 until 30th June 2024 due to visa procedures. Aplications sent after this date will be accepted but for the next academic year 2024/2025 only. The admission process is held throughout the whole academic year. An online admission inteview will be scheduled after completing steps bellow.


1. Fill the Student Application:

2. We will contact you about taking another step - to send us at least 10 pieces of your artwork in pdf., max. size 10 MB

3. Online meeting with one of our professors

Application fee: 50 EUR - to our bank account:

Number of the bank account 7077777389/0800 (Česká spořitelna)

Swift GIBACZPX, IBAN CZ0608000000007077777389

In the note put "Application fee" and your first and last name.


We are ready to help you with all your possible problems such as establishing Medical insurance, finding the right accommodation, processing any kinds of documents, getting student cards (ISIC) and public transport cards, picking you up at the airport, getting your visa and any other issues that may occur…

The Czech Republic is a friendly and welcoming country and we are looking forward to seeing you study at ART & DESIGN INSTITUT. Following information can be useful for you:

Admission process

  1. Filling in the application form on our website:
  2. Sending following documents: portfolio (at least 10 examples of artwork – could be various techniques), motivational letter in English.
  3. After successful passing through, we will send a confirmation letter to applicant.

For non EU students: This letter can be used to apply for a student’s visa. The whole „visa-getting“ process can take up to 6 months. More information on

Visa requirements (only for non EU applicants)

Before arrival in the Czech Republic it is not necessary to apply for the visa if you are citizen of EU country or Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Switzerland.

For citizens of other countries it is obliged to ask for short term visa which is valid up to 90 days or long term visa which is valid up to 365 days. Visas are issued at Czech embassy or consulate in the country of origin where it is also possible to receive more information.

For applying for visa you will need following documents:

A travel document, 2 photos, a completed form “Application for long-stay Visa”, funds to cover the cost of stay in the territory, a document confirming the purpose of stay in the territory of the Czech Republic.

Applications for visa extension or for a long-term residence permits must be submitted to the Foreign Police at the earliest 90 days, and at the latest 14 days, before the expiration date of the visa. Applicants are required to pay a fee upon submission of the application. Visas for periods of more than 90 days can be cancelled if the person is convicted of a crime, does not fulfil the purpose of residence for which the visa was granted, or if the person requests its cancellation. In cases where visa applications are declined, appeals will not be considered. Applicants must apply for visa extension within the required period and pay the proper fees. They will not be notified.

Sure, we will provide you any documents and confirmations of study and payments that you need.

Visa process - go to the Czech embassy in your native country with following:

  1. 2x passport photos.
  2. Official letter of acceptance.
  3. Confirmation of accommodation - confirmed by owner
  4. Criminal record.
  5. Passport.
  6. At least 81 400,- Kč per person, per year (in any currency).
  7. After all of this you have to get yourself a health insurance.

More information on


NOTICE for students from UKRAINE - information on problem-free visas

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic announces:

"Citizens of Ukraine can study in the Czech Republic immediately - they do not apply for long-term residence, they are granted temporary protection, which allows them to start studying, work or perform other activities. "Citizens of Russia and Belarus are currently unable to apply for visas; visa activities have been stopped for them by a resolution of the Czech government. This is one of the restrictive measures taken by the Czech Republic in response to Russia's and Belarus's military aggression in Ukraine."


Cost of Living

Living in the Czech Republic, as anywhere else, may vary from relatively cheap to quite expensive, depending mainly on location and type of accommodation and the choice of lifestyle - preferred meals, entertainment etc.

Sample prices of some basic commodities or services (approximately in CZK; 1 EUR = 25 CZK, 1 USD = 24 CZK)

  • private student residence (double room) 6 000 CZK
  • public university dormitory (double room) 3 500 CZK
  • shared flat (single room, depends on location) 7 000 – 11 000 CZK


Apartment rents (1BR to 4BR, monthly)                                 

10 000 – 25 000

Prague public transport (single trip/monthly/3-months pass)

32 / 550/1 480 (32/130/360 after student discount)

Taxi cab (km)

30 (+ 40 fixed fee)

Cinema ticket

120 – 220

Restaurant lunch specials








Starbucks coffee (large)


Hot dog


McDonald's Big Mac menu


Telephone call (prepaid cell, 1 min)

3 – 5



The ART & DESIGN INSTITUT does not own any hostels (dorms) in Prague, but we can help students with accommodation facilities upon request. In this case we closely cooperate with other Prague Universities and their student’s dormitories.  


Dormitories of the Czech Technical University





The ART & DESIGN INSTITUT does not provide any medical or health instance for any of its students, nor does it vouch for any medical expenses incurred by any of its students. It is the sole responsibility of students to take out instance according to their preference and the rules of their countries of residence. Anyway we will help you with establishing your local health care (student discounted forms) and after this, you can visit almost all medical facilities in Czech Republic, which are numerous especially in Prague.

Student card (ISIC)

ISIC is the only globally recognized proof of student status for high schools, colleges and universities and selected one-year post-secondary fields of study. You will need this card for any kinds of student’s discounts. We will just need a passport photo from you and then we will manage everything for you.