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Art History

teacher Docent PhDr. Jiří Vaněk, CSc.


During the study, students receive comprehensive overview of international and Czech art history. The aim is to support the individual approach to art, the ability to think about the art history , not as a specific given set of facts, but as a living tradition. Students should exceed the usual framework of art history and begin to understand the history of art as a creative process, which participates in forming human civilization. Art history and cultural traditions should become part of his visual memory and be inspiring and challenging for his own artistic creation. The course aims to show students the realm of art in tight by historical locks in the individual stages, where contemporary works were created when art was influenced by major events and vice versa itself contributed to them - and so it was and still is to this day - it is the area of ​​culture, region making so important in every social group. In this course, students will uncover a wide range of factors which gave birth the most important works of art, accompanied, of course, with a detailed introduction to the main representatives of various directions. Graduates of this course should understand himself as an individual creative personality living and creating a common European culture. The lectures will be seminars with the active participation of students, joint visits of important domestic and foreign exhibitions of contemporary and classical art.

syllabus 1. semester 1. Human as the creator of the culture - relationship of art, culture and civilization
2.  Sealed messages: introduction to the psychology of creation and introduction to the artworks analysis and interpretation
3. The beginnining of art in the prehistoric epoque and the art of native culture (Palaeolithic, Neolithic period metals, megalithic structures ...)
4.  The time of writing: Ancient civilization (Greek and Roman period…)
2. semester 5. Christianity and Art of Middle Ages  (early Christian, Byzantine, Carolingian, Ottonian…)
6.  It is not humanism like humanism
7. New era - Reformation and Counter-Reformation - tradition and progress as the two driving forces of the historical process
3. semester

8. Baroque  Artin Bohemia and Moravia - the importance and implications of the counter-Reformation in the Czech lands, the genius loci

9. Enlightened and romantic concept of humanism (the French Revolution ...)
4. semester 10. Realism and idealism of a modern human (Impressionism, Symbolism, Art Deco…)
11. Gloss and misery of modernism (Expresionism, Cubismu, Futurism, Surrealism…)
12. Twilight and dawn of modernism (existence and transcendence, minimalism, performance, happening…)
13. Czech scene - the search for identity - historical overview (war groups, socialist realism, surrealism postwar...)