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subject GRAPHICS
teacher Professor ak. mal. Jiří Lindovský
assistant Mgr. et MgA. Eva Vápenková


The aim is to offer to students a complex study programme which includes all modes and forms of classical graphics technologies, which are the basis for a picture that is reproduced via printing. To introduce the grapics as flexible branch with a deep artistic, technological, technical and esthetical tradition which became the basis of modern communicational structures with a wide range and impact. System of the education is a complex one, includes all theoretical knowledge and practical skills, which enable to communicate visuaůůy. parallery and independently on the verbal and written form. Sturucture of the syllabus is prepared according to the design concept of graphical techniques.  It is practiced in all its breadth and multiplicity of meanings. In summary, the aim isthe ability to formulate and develop ideas or projects in a graphic way - to seek and find the diversity and originality in practical solutions via graphics technology. Thematic assignments are common and individual.

Specific way of working  requires an emphasis on  development of students' abilities to create ideas and concepts. This fact motivates a student to overcome the technical barriers, further a student develops his inventiveness, simultaneously activates the organizational and management skills, he is able to make decisions and act independently and in a team work together with teachers and printers to complete your project. This is an important practical experience for the student's future career success in this field.

Students gradually undergo basic methodology of teaching classical technologies, some of which will be realized in graphic studios. Additional seminars with the participation of invited freelancers and artists,  will broaden the thematic spectrum of the field.

syllabus 1. semester 1. History and theory of graphics
2. Graphic techniques
2. semester 3. Experimental graphics
4. Conceptual basis of graphic creation
3. semester 5. Font and typography
6. Graphical design
4. semester 7. Graphics and ilustration
8. Grafiphics and new media
9. Graphics and visual communication
5. semester 10. Graphics in films and TV
11. Graphics in contemporary visual art
6. semester 12. Graphics and space